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As the business environment gets more and more complex, business owners need to rely more and more on their trusted professionals.


Our broad approach to the needs of your business and excitement to work with other professionals to protect you as a team creates more value for your insurance dollar.

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Needs Evaluation


> Broad approach that addresses multiple aspects of the business.

> Communications throughout the relationship regarding emerging exposures and plans to address them.

> Answers to questions like:

  • How resilient to loss is my business, and how can I minimize down-time after a loss?

  • How do I attract/keep quality employees?

  • What exposures do I have from my contracts with other parties?

  • Do I carry enough insurance on my business assets?




> Property & Liability Insurance Products

  • General Liability

  • Professional Liability / Errors & Omissions

  • Commercial Property

  • Commercial Auto

  • Workers Compensation


> Employee Benefits (both employer-paid and voluntary)

> Continuity/Disaster Planning.

> Safety Training and Resources.

> Team Approach with your professional from our network.

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