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Our firm started in the front living room of Jacob Vredevoogd back in 1939. Eight decades and four generations later, we are still serving our clients with the same integrity and honesty that Jake instilled in his family from day one.

Our mission is simple:


Help protect the assets and financial futures of our clients while being a source of stability for our own team and community.

Our values are straight-forward:

Integrity – As Jake always said, “we won’t lie for you and we won’t lie to you”.


Professionalism – Dedication to our craft and the continuous pursuit of improvement in service to our clients and increased knowledge for our staff.


Community – Our actions affect those around us. We act in a manner that builds and improves our community; whether that is our small community of our co-workers, the communities of our clients, or the global community as a whole.

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2019 Best of Hudsonville Award – Insurance Agencies
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